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Today's software allows the digital photographer to create images that mimic the equipment and techniques of photography's analogue past. I am sure some photographers feel this is a shortcut that subverts the art but there has always been a small subversive side to me anyway. As much as I admire the artists who use the original equipment, it is not practical for me.


I recently downloaded the software that Nik is now giving away for free. It was a price I couldn't refuse. It took a while but I finally tried it. I decided to use a couple of images that I probably would have discarded because I thought they might not express what I felt when I took the photo. I think Nik allowed me to create images that are worth saving, sharing and looking at again; images that make me understand why I wanted to get out my camera when I saw the scene originally. They were taken with the same Sony RX100 but were treated to look like photos that were the result of using equipment and printing techniques from two different eras.

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