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     I saw a movie the other day that was made by a personal hero of mine, Wim Wenders, about a photographer that he must consider a hero of his, Sebastiao Salgado

     Wim Wenders makes terrific movies but is also a still photographer of great ability, taking pictures as he roams the world making his films. He discovered Salgado, after buying a print of his from a dealer, and then started an exploration of his life that culminated in "Salt Of The Earth", which he made in colaboration with Salgado's son, Juliano.

     The movie he made about Sebastiao Salgado should ensure that Salgado is recognized as one of the most dedicated, courageous and talented photographers of his generation. His images are the result of a natural talent combined with an unnatural dedication, not only to his craft but to the plight of humankind and the world itself. His photos reflect his compassion and his love for the earth and its inhabitants. They also display a keen eye and a sensitivity both to the subject and the viewer. This sensitivity allows him to display his work almost as if he is taking you gently by the arm and saying, "Look at this ... look at how terrible and beautiful the world is, in equal measures."

     If you have an opportunity to see this film, I would highly recommend that you take it.


The Photograph above is one of my recent dogwalk snapshots and is simply meant to attract attention to this page, which is meant to attract attention to the the artists and work I have mentioned above.

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