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I woke up in the early morning looking out at what had, not much earlier, been a darkness filled with music and fireworks. Now the cold and damp leached into my bones as I found the bathroom and prepared for my last day on the road.


Reykjavik was only two or three hours away but it turned out to be the most harrowing part of the journey. The weather was getting colder, wetter and windier. There were pockets of dense fog, heavy rain and occasional strong winds. One of the handouts I got with the rental car warned me not to leave my car doors open on the side of the road because they acted like sails and the cars could be pushed by the wind. It was that kind of day.



I did pull over and took some photos but I was feeling the call of home and even the Old Bicycle Shop, where I would spend my final night in Reykjavik, seemed like a much better option than conditions I was facing on the road. 


There were not many other cars on the highway but the fog, rain, wind and many twists and dips in the last stretch began to take its toll on my nerves. It seemed to be intensifying as I got closer to the city but just as I was going through what seemed to be the worst of it, I crested a hill to see this ...

... so I pulled over, grabbed my camera and caught the moment. When I turned around I realized that I had left a door open and had to use all my considerable strength (ha!) to close it against a heavy wind.


From there on the weather improved and by the time I pulled up outside the Old Bicycle Shop it was grey but calm. I had a long hot shower, got dressed and walked the familiar streets of Reykjavik.

I had one last meal at a fabulous Thai restaurant that Katherine and I had found and returned to the guest house where I had a really pleasant conversation with some of the world travellers who were staying there, including a brilliant young man from the Philippines who had discovered that he had Icelandic genes in his family and was now studying Nordic mythology and language for his doctorate. I finally went to my room and settled in to read myself to sleep so I could get up early, return my rental car and get to the airport for my flight home. 


I took one more photo from my bedroom window ...

... went to bed and carried out my departure plan to perfection. 


As I walked through the airport something caught my eye. It was a quote, in a window, by Bjork and I thought it was a good way to end this journal. 


I want to thank you all for letting me relive this fantastic trip with you. I also want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah or whatever you choose to celebrate during this dark, cold season. Most of all I wish you all health and happiness in the New Year and beyond. 

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