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Of the many pleasures that I have received from photography, the most immediately and lastingly satisfying is documenting the journey of my children through this life. Having said that, I know there are many photos I have regretted not taking. So the ones I have are precious. 


There was a professional wedding photographer whose photos will be available at some point but I couldn't not take some myself. These are some of the people and moments from that day. There are many photos that I wish I had taken, people that I wished I had captured in my camera, but I can only hope the photographer got those. 


The two mothers!

I know I didn't say it enough on that day so I will take the opportunity now to say how happy I am to have Christel and her family as part of our family. 


So, from there it was back on the bus and into Reykjavik for a fabulous dinner and dancing.

This is Ange and Sarah's version of "Girls Gone Wild In Iceland". The party started on the bus and rolled on till the wee hours, or so I was told. An appropriate end to a special day.

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