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Michael's Best Man was his long-time friend, Simon Chalke. Simon has always been a great friend to Michael and he turned out to be a perfect Best Man. This was for many reasons but one of the biggest, in my biased opinion, was his inspired idea to organize a round of golf in Iceland. He got a lot of help from his dad, Jay, who did most of the legwork and made all the arrangements. I thank them both for this memorable day.


There were six of us participating. We broke up into two teams, the youngsters against the less than youngsters, and we played eighteen holes of Best Ball. 


The young guns consisted of Simon, Mike and Alex (left to right) while the experienced team consisted of ...


... Ken, myself and Jay. Yes, I am standing in a hole. 


I did not take as many photos as I should have to properly document the event but let me say that the front nine holes were carved out of a field of old volcanic rocks.


Here is Jay scanning the landscape for a patch of green to aim his drive at. Ken had not played a lot of golf before this event and one of the rules in Best Ball is that each team must use et least three drives from every player. A highlight on this day was watching one of Ken's drives on a par three hole hit approximately five rocks before bouncing nicely onto the green. That was one of his three mandatory drives.


Another highlight was Jay and Ken in one electric cart (they made us use them) and me in another driving around a maze of paths, Keystone Cops style, trying to find the ninth tee box. I would like to see a speeded up video version of that. The course Marshal had to eventually round us up and herd us in the right direction. He asked us if we were trying to create our own Golden Circle tour. (See previous post).


You may notice there are not a lot of trees (as in none) on the course. There are not a lot of trees in Iceland. So the back nine holes are basically just laid out in great open expanses with maybe half of them bordered by a little water hazard known affectionately as the North Atlantic. The first picture in this blog is a view of part of the back nine. Below are some more.

And when they say there's a fairway bunker, they mean an actual bunker.

Here is Commadore Ken charting a course to the distant green. He was a great teammate and never let his lack of experience dampen his enthusiasm. By the end he was slamming down some important putts, but even they weren't enough to help us beat the kids. That night the losers bought the beer and pizza. We started the round at four o'clock and the twilight seemed to last forever. 

It was a great experience on a unique golf course. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the game. Thanks again to Simon and Jay for the idea and for organizing it, and to Alex and Ken for being part of it ... and to Mike and Christel for getting married in Iceland.


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