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On our third day in Iceland most of the guests joined together for a bus tour of the Reykjavik peninsula. It was organized by Ange so she got to have the bus named after her.


If I haven't said it yet, Iceland is amazing. The geography never fails to inspire some level of awe and pleasure. The tour must have been close to eight hours long and not once did I look at my watch (so maybe it was only six hours, but that's not the point - the point is it was spectacular). Many of these images were taken through the window of a moving bus so they are not technically great but I hope they give a sense of what we saw that day,


There are a number of options when it comes to where the tour goes but I think all of them include:


the Gullfoss waterfall 

and geysers

and unscheduled beauty.


We stopped for lunch at a giant tomato growing operation. It was in an expansive greenhouse where they also grew basil. Everything is heated with geothermic technology. The tomato and basil soup was delicious. It was served with thick soft slices of freshly baked bread. Everyone had a great time as far as I could tell.

We had one more stop before going back to Reykjavik ... for home made ice cream and a visit with some of the famous Icelandic ponies.

Then it was back on the bus and more scenery and home.

A memorable day. Good work Ange!





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