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If you are planning on visiting Iceland I want to recommend a guest house.You might consider staying in The Old Bicycle Shop. The above photo was taken in the main house where most of the party stayed. 


The main house was jumping and felt almost like a frat house, only one that was full of really smart sociable young adults as opposed to John Belushi (all respect to Animal House). The pancake olympics (won by Sweden - only because Michael's bottle of maple syrup exploded in his suitcase somewhere over the Atlantic) was a highlight. 


The photos below were taken at the smaller satellite house where Katherine, her brother Paul, his partner Heather, Dan and Kerstin (Christel's parents) and I were staying. Both guest houses were warm and comfortable in every sense. They were also very reasonably priced. The two houses are within blocks of each other and are in the heart of Reykjavik.

Here Kerstin (on the left) and Heather demonstrate the difference between a typical Swedish breakfast (Kerstin) and the North American breakfast (Heather).


Below are a couple of still lifes and some shots taken from the windows of the small house over the duration of our stay.


Gudrun and Fergus, who run The Old Bicycle Shop, made us feel welcome and kept everything tidy. I spent an extra day at the big house after Katherine left and another after my road trip. It gave me a chance to get to know some very nice people from all around the world who were also staying there. I also got to meet two of Fergus and Gudrun's children, who help keep the place clean, and their two wonderful pets.



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