Jim Friesen - Photography

I look forward to some future nostalgia.

Peppa Martin and Truth & Beauty Gallery got some well deserved ink in the Province today (click here to see the article).

There are about 4 of my images on the wall behind her in the picture. This is called shameless self-promotion. But I guess that's what blogs and web-sites are anyways. The bench is from a recent walk in the fog. My thanks, as always, to Peppa for her continued support.

I've always liked the work of Takeo Tanabe. He is an artist who found inspiration in both the prairies and the west coast. The freighter in fog is mine. Follow this link for one of his. I'm sure there are more of his to be found. They are worth the look if you are not familiar with his work.

... and getting lost in a flower.

... the world weeps and waits for spring.

I took this photo in another life; during the reign of Victoria, I believe.

I recovered these photos from a disk. They are over 4 years old and for a few minutes I thought I would not be able to open them on Photoshop. 


Why does the sight of freighters in Vancouver harbour move me so?

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