Jim Friesen - Photography

I just finished my first assignment for a long-exposure course. I've done long-exposure before but I needed a reason to get out and do some more and there is still a lot to learn.

Some places are music. Pitt Lake is like that for me.

The above shot is from my recent visit to Pitt Lake.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to be in Toronto when the Art Gallery of Ontario  had a show of twentieth century New York Abstract Expressionist painters and photographers. Among the pieces was an iconic print of grass in snow by Harry Callahan. Here is a link to that image.  And this one to a lovely e-book of some of his work. One more to find out a little about him. 

I was drawn to these trees and the way they have grown to accomadate each other; like old friends or long time lovers. A slow dance over the years.

"It isn't recreating what you see, it's creating what you remember." 

Someone said that.

Power lines and the metal creatures that supported them were a source of fascination and an aesthetic break on car rides across the prairies when I was a kid. I found this one near Pitt Lake, B.C.

This is an image from a recently scanned neg. I took the shot a few years ago and have done some tinting in PS5. That is the moon on the right side of the sky in amongst the early morning clouds.

I have been doing a lot of other things and this blog is my way of maintaining contact with what I feel I should be doing.

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